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Learning Chemical Engineering is no easy task. It’s the second hardest degree to obtain in the world for a reason… it’s HARD! As a Chemical Engineering graduate I know first hand the struggles, the frustrations, and the headaches associated with Chemical Engineering. 

This is where The ChemEng Student comes in. A champion in supporting chemical engineering students from around the world! We are not only just a CPD registered organisation, with a track record in chemical engineering, we are a learning community, who pride ourselves on providing a bespoke 1st class support service to all our students. 

All our material is taken directly from IChemE certified course material so be assured everything you learn with us is relevant and to the standard of a university course. 

Why Choose us?

Here at The ChemEng Student, we are so much more than just an online course. We are a learning community of chemical engineering students and professionals from all around the world. 

We share our first-hand knowledge and experiences with you in all our lectures and tutorials to ensure you get the most relevant, theoretical, and practical learning experience. 

Learning with us, you get unlimited lifetime access to all the material, our extensive resource library, and direct access to our industry experts! Free of charge! 

5 Star Reviews

Don't take our word for it. Check out our most recent reviews on our courses. Full 5 star reviews on content and quality.

Value for Money

The average cost to become a Chemical Engineer in the UK is around £60,000 for Honors degree and around £75,000 for a Masters. This is replicated around the world.  

All our courses are produced from peer-reviewed published journals, university regulated material, and industry experience. So you can be assured you are getting the highest quality education for a fraction of the cost! 

We believe everyone no matter where they are in the world has a right to a top-quality education, which is why our courses start from only £49! You can now pay in your home currency so there is no need to convert yourself!

We also offer a Full Master’s Course (MEng), which gives you lifetime access and updates to every course we offer, giving you over 110 hours of material and 571 lessons, for an amazing £760! You won’t find anything like that on the internet! 

Check out our courses list and start your journey to a better understanding of the complex world of Chemical Engineering.

Not Just Information

The core of any online course is to provide tangible information for students to improve their understanding of a concept. While many online courses provide exercises we go one step further. We provide not only video exercises but an extensive database of questions with full typed working solutions. 

We believe the success of an online course depends on the quality of the additional learning material, which is why all our material is typed to ensure it is clear and concise for every student. Take a look for yourself…

This is a working solution for our Reactor Design course. This style of solution is what all our additional working material consists of and is of the highest quality.

We also have an extensive online resource library which contains over 20 books and solution manuals for all areas of Chemical Engineering.

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