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What Is an Online Course?

An online course is simply a course you do online. The delivery however varies greatly, ranging from video lessons and exercises to downloadable PDF’s and PowerPoints. Some courses even come with quizzes that you must pass before moving to the next module. There are even online courses that are provided live by instructors over a course of several weeks. 

The delivery can often be depended on the subject. For example, a science-based course will most likely have working exercises through explainer videos, whereas an English based course will often comprise of lengthy texts and downloadable PDF’s. 

Here we have put together our main reason as to why anyone should take an online course in engineering. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of paid and free courses, and lots more hints and tips to look out for. 

1. Flexibility To Suit Your Schedule

Often regarded as the primary benefit, the ability to learn at your own leisure is what appeals to most people considering taking an online course. Alternatively, students at school or university often find the additional learning material available at any time that can help long term. 

An online educational platform ultimately allows for a better balance of work, studying and socialising. This can make the learning experience more enjoyable for the student, as the pressure of completing a given task by a deadline is mitigated. 

A key skill across almost every job is the ability to manage one’s time. An online course teaches you vital time management skills that can be transferred to any environment. While many online courses run asynchronously, some require the learners to collaborate with peers and teachers at set times. This can have multiple benefits of effective communication, time management and self-discipline. 

Why Do an Online Course

2. Accessibility

Online courses enable anyone to study from anywhere in the world. In today’s virtual world the convenience of learning in the comfort of your own home has never been so appealing. On top of that, you don’t have to commute saving you time and money, which can be used spent on other priorities. 

The cost of relocating is a massive advantage. Depending on where you live, the option of commuting isn’t possible so often students have to rent temporary accommodation, this is no longer the case with an online course. All of this can have a significant benefit to the student’s emotional well-being with a reduction in stress and anxiety. 

Why Do an Online Course

3. Enhanced Understanding

Learning online can help students improve their understanding and technical knowledge of a given topic or subject. Online courses such as ours are based on the understanding from a students perspective. This can be a valuable asset to students struggling with technical jargon. That is not to say that the course material isn’t to the same standard it’s more relatable to a students train of thought. 

The additional material provided by the instructors in online courses can often prove to be invaluable in either an exam situation or in the workplace. This is most effective with courses that have video lessons and examples, whereby if the instructors communication is clear and concise then understanding a difficult concept can become less daunting. 

From our research, there are only a select few online courses that provide additional support outwith the course content. For example, if you are still struggling with a concept we actively encourage our students to contact us for more information. 

Studying Chemical Engineering can be difficult, which is why all our material is simplified yet still conveys the key important elements of each module. Having studied these modules for so long and the extensive teaching experience we believe learning with us will significantly improve your understanding, resulting in better grades!

4. Cost Effective Than Traditional Education

Unlike traditional education methods such as college and university, the cost of an online course is often a fraction of these routes. There is often a wide range of payment options available that will allow you to spread the cost of the course. This makes budgeting far easier and gives you peace of mind during your studies. 

As we mentioned earlier the reduced cost of commuting, parking, lunch, snacks and coffee can be significantly reduced or eliminated, saving you a small fortune over time. Who wouldn’t want to get a better education and save money while you do it! 

We understand that running a busy life can have an impact on your financial situation, which is why all our courses are priced with the student in mind. 

Why Do an Online Course

What Do You Need To Study Online?

Most online courses don’t require formal qualifications to join. However, sometimes it can be beneficial to have some background knowledge before you enrol. For all the reasons outlined above we are now going to look at the main key attributes, you need to succeed in an online course. 

1. Self-Motivation

It goes without saying that any further education that is no longer compulsory requires a wealth of dedication and self-motivation. With all the benefits of studying at your own leisure, there comes a big risk of letting things pile up! When you are removed from a formal setting, it can be all too easy to get distracted, which of course can be problematic for your progress.

The first skill that will really make an impact on your overall success is self-motivation; choosing to study, revise, write an essay at set times and being motivated to do well will see you on the right path!

2. Commitment

No online course can be completed without commitment. Remember that you are given almost full autonomy when studying online, meaning it is up to you to schedule your working hours. In order to stay on top of managing your own time, commitment is necessary.

We have had great success stories come from our online learners, however, a general overwhelming opinion is that commitment was key to their success. We have spent a considerable amount of time ensuring our lessons and exercises are engaging and interesting to ensure we inspire our students.

3. Passion

Finally, this goes hand in hand with self-motivation, as if you are not passionate about the course you are doing you are less likely to feel motivated and less likely to succeed.

We understand that not everyone will be enrolling on online courses for themselves; whether you need to get a certain qualification to make it onto the next course, or you’ve been asked by your boss – sometimes it isn’t your own choice. This can be detrimental in terms of success, if you are lacking passion your motivation will suffer and ultimately you will hate what you are doing.

Before enrolling on any online course, we always recommend that you do your research to find out exactly what’s involved; which is why we provide preview lessons to give you a taste of what’s to come. For more information about our courses please contact us.

Why Do an Online Course

Finally Why Join Us Today!

As we said Chemical Engineering can be difficult. The combination of mathematics, chemistry, physics and engineering principles makes it the 3rd hardest degree to get in the world! 

While there are indeed free courses available, we have reviewed over 50 different platforms and found that you get what you pay for. While the material is at a basic level and sort of related, it doesn’t provide a solid foundation and explanation. That is where we come in! You can learn more about our services.

Not only do we provide a high-quality learning experience we also give you lifetime access to our extensive online resource library. This makes finding referenced texts and solutions manuals quick and easy. Simply by signing up you get free access!