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Reactor Design

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About Course

Elevate Your Skills in Reactor Design – From Beginner to Advanced. Embark on a dynamic journey through the world of Reactor Design with our meticulously structured course. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to deepen your expertise, this course is tailored to provide a holistic understanding of Reactor Design. Integrating core principles like mass & energy balance, heat transfer, and rate analysis, you’ll be equipped to design a wide array of reactors with ease.

We’ve curated content to ensure a comprehensive learning experience, including access to an online library of published journals on reactor design. Starting with foundational principles, we progressively advance into sophisticated reactor design modeling.

What This Course Offers:

  1. Fundamentals of Reactor Design: Understand the basics of reactor design and the general equations used in modeling.
  2. Modeling Ideal Reactors: Master the art of modeling ideal Batch, CSTR (Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor), and Plug Flow reactors.
  3. Batch Time Calculations: Perform precise calculations for batch time based on concentration and conversion factors.
  4. Modeling Non-Ideal Reactors: Skillfully approach the modeling of non-ideal Batch, CSTR, and Plug Flow reactors.
  5. Simplifying Assumptions: Grasp the assumptions that simplify reactor models, a key aspect in practical applications.
  6. Rate Analysis Integration: Delve into Rate analysis and its vital role in reactor design.
  7. Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactors: Study the design equations and intricacies of Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactors.
  8. Heat and Mass Transfer Mechanisms: Familiarize yourself with essential heat transfer and mass transfer mechanisms within reactors.
  9. Tracer Response Analysis: Analyze various tracer responses to optimize and understand mixture behavior inside reactors.
  10. Residence Time and Conversion Calculations: Learn to interpret residence time and accurately calculate conversions with specific parameters.

Course Completion and Certification:

Dive into engaging video lessons, hands-on exercises, and comprehensive PDF resources. Validate your skills with a 10-question quiz, requiring a minimum 70% score for certification. Successfully completing the course earns you a prestigious certificate, showcasing your dedication and expertise in Reactor Design.

Grab this chance to master Reactor Design in all its complexity, paving your path to excel as a skilled Chemical Engineer. Invest in your future, enhance your skills, and begin your journey towards Reactor Design mastery today!

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Course Content

Section 1: Beginner

  • Exercise 1: Reaction Rate
  • Arrhenius Equation
  • Exercise 2: Arrhenius Equation
  • Introduction to Batch Reactors
  • Exercise 3: Batch Reactor Modelling
  • Introduction to CSTR’s
  • Exercise 4: CSTR Modelling
  • Introduction to Plug Flow Reactors
  • What are Stoichiometric Tables
  • Exercise 5: Stoichiometric Tables
  • Additional Learning Material

Section 2: Intermediate

Section 3: Advanced

Course Assessment Quiz
Welcome to the end of course assessment. To pass this course you must achieve a minimum of 70%. You will have two attempts at the quiz. You can use your notes, examples, and tutorials, gained throughout the course!

Earn Your Certificate

Showcase your success and add your certificate to your resume and share on social media for all to see!

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 months ago
thank you.
8 months ago
Nothing short of excellent, I super thankful to have competed this course. I can now design reactors so much easier than I used to. A+
8 months ago
I was recommended this course by a friend and I must say it was incredibly enjoyable, the detail; especially in the advanced section is super accurate to my modules. My results this semester were straight A's.
3 years ago
Best course so far. The instructor really knows what he is talking about. Clear instructions and the extra questions were super and really helped apply the theory seen in the lessons. An amazing course highly recommend this one!
3 years ago
Got to be one of the best and easiest to follow courses out there for engineers. Wasn't expecting as much detail as was delivered. Would urge anyone struggling with reactors to take this course, it's well worth the money. The added questions were exactly what I was needing. Thank you, sir!

A course by

Callum Russell
Callum Russell
Founder & Lecturer


  • Basic Engineering Principles
  • Knowledge of Process Design
  • Mass & Energy Balances
  • Mathematical Modelling


  • Chemical Engineering Students
  • Petroleum Engineering Students
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Industrial Chemists

Callum Russell is a Chemical Engineering and Project Management lecturer in the school of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences at The University of The West of Scotland. Having amassed over a decade of teaching experience within both the private and public education system, he brings a diverse and dynamic range of theoretical and practical knowledge across both Chemical Engineering and Project Management disciplines.