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Last Update: Feb 03, 2024

Process Design

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About Course

Process design, a pivotal aspect of Chemical Engineering, often poses intricate challenges, especially in the realm of mathematical complexities. If you’ve ever found yourself grappling with the complexities of modeling process design systems, your solution is here.

Introducing our comprehensive Process Design course, meticulously crafted to empower you with the skills and knowledge necessary to design entire process plants—from theoretical calculations to practical mechanical design. Embark on a transformative journey, mastering the art of system responses to create processes that are not just safe but optimized for excellence.

What This Course Offers:

  1. Laplace Transforms Mastery: Master the intricate world of Laplace Transforms and the table of transforms, unlocking a powerful tool in process design.
  2. S to T Domain Conversion: Seamlessly convert between the S and T domains, ensuring fluency in the language of process dynamics.
  3. Function Types Understanding: Gain confidence in understanding various function types, including rectangular and pulse functions.
  4. Transfer Function Properties Exploration: Explore transfer function properties and their critical role in the landscape of process design.
  5. System Stability Insight: Understand system stability within a process control system, ensuring robust performance in the face of challenges.
  6. Damping Coefficients Definition: Define damping coefficients to guarantee stability, even in the presence of disturbances.
  7. System Responses Techniques: Dive deep into methods and techniques for understanding and influencing system responses effectively.
  8. Modeling Systems Proficiency: Model first and second-order systems, extending your skills to tackle more complex systems.
  9. Poles and Zeros Application: Grasp the concept of Poles and Zeros, applying them strategically to shape process responses.
  10. Control Loop Systems Expertise: Expertly model control loop systems using appropriate techniques, ensuring precision in process control.
  11. Block Diagrams Decoding: Decode block diagrams and general equations, enhancing your ability to analyze complex systems.
  12. Process Control Systems Variety: Navigate different types of process control systems and apply them to practical problem-solving scenarios.
  13. Costing Significance: Recognize the critical role of costing in process design and understand various costing methods for informed decision-making.

Course Completion and Certification:

Immerse yourself in engaging video lessons, practical exercises, and downloadable PDF resources. Gauge your understanding through a 10-question quiz, where success requires achieving a minimum score of 70%. Earn a prestigious certificate, a testament to your dedication and expertise in Process Design.

Master the art and science of process design, setting a course for a successful career as a Chemical Engineer. Invest in yourself, invest in your future, and step into the world of successful Chemical Engineering today!

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Course Content

Section 1: Laplace Transforms

  • Properties of Laplace Transforms
  • Exercise 1: Laplace Transforms
  • Representative Functions
  • Rectangular Pulse
  • Impulse Function
  • Final Value Theorem
  • Partial Fractions
  • Properties of Transfer Functions
  • Non-Linear Models
  • Exercise 2: Modelling of Transfer Functions
  • Additional Learning Material
  • Additional Learning Journals

Section 2: Stability

Section 3: System Responses

Section 4: Closed Loop Systems

Section 5: Process Control

Section 6: Costing

Course Assessment Quiz

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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6 months ago
Really enjoyed this, was super interesting and I would encourage anyone considering this course to go for it!
3 years ago
This review is based on my experience in joining the affiliate program. I was given free access to this course and it was very informative, with lots of detail and took some very useful information from it. My audience will love this as well.
3 years ago
Top quaility learning material from this instructor. Was recommend this site by my professor and after taking it I can see why he has recommended this site. Well worth the money!

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Callum Russell
Callum Russell
Founder & Lecturer


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  • Chemical Engineering Students
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  • Process Design Engnieers
  • Optimisation Engineers
  • STEM Students
  • Engineers
  • Teachnicians

Callum Russell is a Chemical Engineering and Project Management lecturer in the school of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences at The University of The West of Scotland. Having amassed over a decade of teaching experience within both the private and public education system, he brings a diverse and dynamic range of theoretical and practical knowledge across both Chemical Engineering and Project Management disciplines.