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Last Update: Mar 05, 2024

Heat Transfer

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About Course

Navigate the Complex World of Heat Transfer in Chemical Engineering. Facing challenges with heat transfer concepts in Chemical Engineering? Our in-depth Heat Transfer course is meticulously crafted to provide you with essential skills and knowledge. Embark on a transformative learning journey, diving deep into the principles and techniques of heat transfer.

This detailed course offers an exhaustive exploration of heat transfer topics, including conduction, convection, condensation systems, heat exchanger design, pinch analysis, and energy recovery optimization.

What This Course Offers:

  1. Basic Parameters Mastery: Master the fundamental parameters associated with heat transfer, laying a solid foundation for advanced concepts.
  2. Conduction and Convection Insights: Gain a thorough understanding of conduction and convection processes, crucial for effective heat transfer.
  3. Condensation Systems Exploration: Delve into the intricate mechanisms of condensation systems, enhancing your understanding of phase change processes.
  4. Heat Exchanger Design Precision: Design heat exchangers with high precision, a vital skill in thermal management and process optimization.
  5. Pinch Analysis Optimization: Utilize pinch analysis techniques for optimizing heat transfer, essential for energy efficiency and cost reduction.
  6. Heat Exchanger Network Diagrams: Construct heat exchanger network diagrams for maximum energy recovery, streamlining process design.
  7. Complex Heat Integration Solutions: Confidently solve complex heat integration systems, enhancing your problem-solving capabilities.
  8. Nodal Networks and Energy Balance Analysis: Analyze nodal networks and apply energy balance methods proficiently, forming matrices for efficient calculations.
  9. Boundary Layer Characteristics Definition: Define key characteristics of thermal and velocity boundary layers, understanding their impact on heat transfer rates.
  10. Flow Regime and Fluid Flow Effects: Grasp the impact of flow regime on heat transfer rates and comprehend the effects of fluid flow.
  11. Thermal Analysis for Heat Fluxes: Conduct thermal analysis to determine heat fluxes and identify various boiling types, crucial for process safety and efficiency.
  12. Radiation Heat Transfer Modeling: Master the complex nature of radiation heat transfer and model challenging systems effectively.
  13. Gas Absorptivity Interactions Understanding: Understand gas absorptivity interactions, a key aspect in thermal radiation.
  14. Freezing Systems Analysis: Analyze freezing systems to accurately determine freezing times for specific products, essential in cryogenic engineering.
  15. Food Preservation and Microbial Activity Equations: Explore the significance of food preservation and understand microbial activity equations, relevant in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Course Completion and Certification:

Engage with our rich video lessons, practical exercises, and comprehensive PDF resources. Assess your knowledge through a 10-question quiz, aiming for at least a 70% score to earn a prestigious certificate, showcasing your dedication and expertise in Heat Transfer.

Take this opportunity to excel in the art and science of Heat Transfer, a pivotal aspect of Chemical Engineering. Invest in yourself and your future, and step into the realm of Heat Transfer mastery today!

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Course Content

Section 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to Thermal Conductivity
  • Introduction to Thermal Diffusivity
  • Introduction to Convection
  • Introduction to Radiation
  • Convective Heat Transfer
  • Types of Flow Regimes
  • Log Mean Temperature Differance
  • Conduction & Convection Together
  • Exercise 1: Convective Heat Transfer
  • Additional Learning Material

Section 2: Intermediate

Section 3: Heat Integration

Section 4: Nodal Network Diagrams

Section 5: Boundary Layer Analysis

Section 6: Thermal Analysis

Section 7: Radiation

Section 8: Freezing Process

Section 9: Thermal Food Systems

Course Assessment Quiz

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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5 Ratings
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1 month ago
Arguably one of the best heat transfer courses on the market. I have been using this throughout my time at university and it has been super supportive at all stages. A massive thank you to Callum for creating this masterpiece!
2 years ago
I cannot think of any adjectives to describe the help and support Callum has provided and what this course has offered. Value of money is an understatement. Having unlimited access to the updates is a neat touch and something I will continue to use during my graduate work! Thank you to Callum for your guidance and support!
3 years ago
The content was very good, delivery of the lessons was clear and concise. Overall a good experience with this course and learned a lot of information.
3 years ago
A fantastic and in-depth course on heat transfer. Lots of helpful information for modules across Chemical Engineering. One of the longest on this platform, but I must say it doesn't feel like it. If you are considering this course, I would highly recommend it.
3 years ago
An excellent in-depth course on heat transfer. couldn't fault any material showcased. Will be recommending this website to my students for further support.
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Callum Russell
Callum Russell
Founder & Lecturer


  • Basic Engineering Principles
  • Knowledge of Thermodynamics
  • Basic Unit Operations
  • Knowledge of Energy Balances
  • Process Design Systems


  • Chemical Engineering Students
  • Mechanical Engineering Students
  • Process Engineers
  • All Design Engineers
  • Equipment Design Experts
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Energy Systems Students

Callum Russell is a Chemical Engineering and Project Management lecturer in the school of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences at The University of The West of Scotland. Having amassed over a decade of teaching experience within both the private and public education system, he brings a diverse and dynamic range of theoretical and practical knowledge across both Chemical Engineering and Project Management disciplines.