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Engineering Mathematics

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About Course

Are you ready to transfor your understanding of mathematics and elevate your career? Our Engineering Mathematics course is meticulously crafted to transform your understanding and application of mathematics in the engineering realm. It’s more than just a course; it’s an intellectual journey that prepares you for the sophisticated challenges of engineering and technology.

What This Course Offers:

  1. Foundation in Trigonometry and Algebra: Build a strong base in essential mathematical concepts, paving the way for advanced understanding.
  2. Mastery of Functions: Learn to decode and apply functions, a critical tool for resolving intricate engineering problems.
  3. Partial Fractions Proficiency: Gain expertise in partial fractions, enhancing your problem-solving arsenal.
  4. Advanced Combinatorics: Delve into factorials, the Binomial Expansion Theorem, and Pascal’s Triangle, and understand their relevance in complex computations.
  5. Differentiation and Its Applications: Uncover the nuances of differentiation and apply these principles to real-world engineering scenarios.
  6. Enhanced Differentiation Techniques: Master implicit and partial differentiation, essential for tackling sophisticated engineering problems.
  7. Integration in Engineering Analysis: Understand the integral role of integration in engineering, and perform complex integrations with ease.
  8. Vectors and Matrix Operations: Explore the pivotal role of vectors in engineering systems and the fundamentals of matrix operations.
  9. Linear Algebraic Equations: Become proficient in solving linear equations using matrix principles, an essential skill in engineering analysis.
  10. Complex Numbers Unlocked: Demystify complex numbers and apply them to solve intricate engineering problems with confidence.
  11. Analyzing Systems with Complex Numbers: Harness the power of complex number mechanics for comprehensive system analysis.

Course Completion and Certification:

Engage with a rich blend of multimedia lessons, interactive exercises, and valuable downloadable resources. To obtain your certificate, immerse yourself in at least 80% of the course content, showcasing your commitment to mathematical mastery.

Transform Your Career Path:

Embark on this journey not just to learn, but to revolutionize your problem-solving abilities in engineering. This course isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about empowering your career, refining your skills, and setting you on a path of continuous professional and personal growth.

Join us in Engineering Mathematics, and redefine your potential.

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Course Content

Basic Mathematics







Further Calculus – Differential Equations

Complex Numbers

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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3 months ago
Math aint my strong point, but this course has definitely helped me in ways I didn't expect. The massive amount of questions and answers really solidifies everything in the lessons. A++
8 months ago
One of the best courses here! Callum explains things in a simplified, yet engaging way that tricks you into learning. I could answer and solve most of the questions, and having the solutions was a game changer
1 year ago
I have found this course to be one of the best I have taken for math, as the instructor explains topics in the perfect amount of detail without overloading you with jargon, so actually getting a grasp of the topic is super simple. Would recommend!
2 years ago
I am super pleased to have found this course, it has been super helpful and the constant updates for only £49 is crazy, like the content you get and the amount of questions and solutions is incredible. People get signed up to this and stop struggling yourself.
2 years ago
Great course, was exactly what I needed for my process simulation module. Very detailed math content and clear explanation of each section. Can't fault it, and for £49, well worth it. Would recommend this to anyone struggling with math as an engineer.

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Callum Russell
Callum Russell
Founder & Lecturer


  • Fundamental Mathematics
  • Basic Engineering
  • Interest in Applied Mathematics


  • STEM Students
  • Mathmaticians
  • Statistitions
  • High School Students
  • Univeristy Students

Callum Russell is a Chemical Engineering and Project Management lecturer in the school of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences at The University of The West of Scotland. Having amassed over a decade of teaching experience within both the private and public education system, he brings a diverse and dynamic range of theoretical and practical knowledge across both Chemical Engineering and Project Management disciplines.