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“Chemical engineers work with ground-breaking technologies to enhance the quality of people’s lives in areas such as environmental protection, the management of resources, and controlling health and safety”

What Jobs Options Do You Have?

One of the great things about chemical engineering is the job prospects and opportunities that become available. Almost 99% of every product and operation, has at some point passed a chemical engineers hands; isn’t that incredible? 

When it comes to job options, the market for chemical engineers is immense. Here is a list of the main directly related jobs to a chemical engineering degree, with links to each job description provided by Prospects… 

Because of the skills and training, you receive as part of your degree or apprenticeship, chemical engineers are often highly desired within a wide range of alternative industries. Some of these industries include… 

  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Chemist 
  • Production Manager
  • Waste Engineer
  • Finance officer 
  • Project manager
  • Business associate
  • And many more! 
Chemical Engineering Jobs

What Type of Industries Are Out There?

Any company involved in the large-scale conversion of raw materials into a product will require chemical engineers. Other companies that are involved in purification, optimisation and research will often look for chemical engineers.

You’ll find major employers in gas and oil extraction, oil refining, nuclear and other power generation and process industries, including pharmaceuticals, fine and heavy chemicals, and agrochemicals. Other manufacturing industries that need chemical engineers, include those supplying:

  • Textiles and polymers
  • Food and drink
  • Plastic and metals
  • Pulp and paper
  • Toiletries

Many chemical development engineers work for engineering consultancy and contracting firms.

There are also opportunities to work in pollution control, environmental protection, energy conservation, waste recovery and recycling, alternative energy, medical science and health and safety.

Because of the level of mathematics, problem-solving and data analysis, chemical engineers are well equipped for business roles and may also go into careers in financial services, management, consultancy or law.

Find Chemical Engineering Jobs Online

Where to Find Jobs?

Finding the “perfect” job is never easy, and often it will take a few attempts to find it. This can often seem overwhelming and frustrating. That is why we have put together a list and links to our top choices for job search websites. Every link is already pre-set to the current job opportunities, just simply update your preferred location and see whats out there! 

Deciding to apply for a job is the easy part. Be sure to do plenty of prep work. This includes researching about the company, looking at the responsibilities of the job role, mastering the interview process, and making sure you have the technical background/information related to your job role. 

For a list of the Top Interview Questions and Answers, check out our blog post that covers everything you need to succeed in a chemical engineering interview!

Chemical Engineering CV

Get Your CV In Order

Getting your CV up-to-date and industry-specific is crucial in landing your ideal job. Regardless of the market, job hunting is a competition, so make sure you stand out from the crowd. 

In addition to specific technical knowledge, a chemical engineering degree provides a sound theoretical basis for introducing new technology and advancing existing technology.

Transferable skills that would be useful in a range of engineering and business-related roles include:

  • problem-solving and analytical skills
  • project management, through group design work
  • resource management
  • teamwork and leadership
  • IT skills
  • initiative and attention to detail, through independent research
  • creativity and innovation
  • communication and presentation skills, developed through group work and presenting research projects.

To help build the perfect CV, check out My Perfect CV. This is one of the best sites to produce modern, high converting CVs, Cover Letters specific to your job description. Simply paste the job description and you will be given different recommendations to make your CV pop! 

How We Can Help

We are looking to partner with the top job posting websites to get exclusive access to new job offers, specifically for chemical engineers. Not just for graduates, but also experiences engineers as well. 

To get involved send us an email at, or via our contact us page, with your name, experience, preferred industry and a copy of your CV. Once we are connected with our job partners you will receive regular updates on exclusive new job offers. We provide a FREE review process to make sure your application looks the best it can be.