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The ChemEng Student was created by PhD student Callum Russell, who after graduating with a 1st class honours degree and Masters with Distinction decided to combine his love of Chemical engineering and teaching to create the ultimate chemical engineering hub for students. 

We are based in Central Scotland and work with students from around the world. Collaborating in America, India, China, Germany, Australia, and many more. Chemical engineers are a close community and being able to reach as many students as possible is what we are all about!

We are fully qualified Chemical engineers up to PhD level and have almost 10 years of teaching experience. Chemical engineering is our passion and creating a place where student engineers can enhance their understanding is at the core of our mission.

Having over 8 years of teaching experience we combined our passion for teaching and chemical engineering to bring together a place to inspire ad support the next generation of chemical engineers. You can learn more about Callum in our free e-book. Register for free today. 

The ChemEng Student Founder Callum Russell


We are more than just an online course, we are an online community and resource centre specifically designed to make studying chemical engineering easier and more efficient. 

We offer high-quality video tutorials combined with exercise and downloadable full working solutions to ensure by the end of each course you are fully prepared for any challenge presented to you. 

We are particularly proud of our extensive online resource library, which features over 20 referenced texts and solution manuals, which we provide free lifetime access to all students who sign up for free!

Our main goal is student satisfaction. We believe in quality over quantity which is why our course packs a punch! Provides the essential information with no tangents in between!


All our courses use the most up-to-date learning material, derived from several reference journals. Each course is meticulously designed to provide you with the most relevant information in an easy to follow guide. 

We specialise in all areas of chemical engineering, to list some of our most popular courses would be…

  • Reactor Design
  • Mass & Energy Balances
  • Unit Operations
  • Distillation
  • Heat Transfer
  • And Much More…

To find your ideal course, use our search tool to search for relevant courses specific to your needs. 

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